A Public Meeting organised jointly by

Stop Criminalising Hackney Youth and Stop & Search Legal Project

At Chats Palace, 42-44 Brooksby’s Walk, E9 5DF


7pm 6 September 2012

Chair: Ava Vidal – comedian, writer, patron of Stop & Search Legal Project



Sheun Abiola – Hackney CVS Stop & Search Monitoring Group

Kam Gill – Stopwatch www.stop-watch.org.uk

Sophie Khan – Actions against the Police lawyer, Police Action Centre


Sadie King – chair, Stop Criminalising Hackney Youth www.schy.co.uk

Gary McFarlane – campaigner, journalist.

Ondre – YH World

Hackney Council’s Community Safety and Social Inclusion Committee is currently looking at policing, including police use of stop and search, and at its forthcoming meeting on 11th September, will be hearing from the police about how policing is working out for them. The organisers of this meeting want the Committee to hear from the general public in Hackney about how policing is working out for us, and so we called this meeting in the hope we would generate a debate about what we are experiencing from the police, especially what our young people are experiencing from them, and what we think the police can do to improve the way they behave on the streets.

We have witnessed police intimidation of young people and don’t think this is productive for community relations or for the quality of life of the young people of Hackney – they deserve the right to walk the streets and gather with their friends without police interference. We think the police should be much more professional in their dealings with people, and should be better informed about the laws that give them their powers.

We dedicate this meeting to the many men and women who have died at the hands of the police.